Why the skill is important in poker ?

Poker is a game of skill Or chance? Some say that competence is the most important aspect of poker, while others claim that luck is what really matters in the end. Still others say that poker is a combination of luck and skill, and player must have the right amount of both attributes to win in poker.

It is true that if you have the skill and experience, you win consistently at the poker tables. But you should realize that even the best players in the world loose some of their games because of unfortunate hand or an inevitable error. On one hand, you cannot rely on sheer luck to win in poker; you must have some skills and strategies to help you make the right decisions at the table.

Since luck is something you cannot change, you should rely on the important things that can make you a successful poker player. So how can you improve your poker skills? The first thing you should do is to learn the basics and fundamentals of poker game as well as the various rules. Once you’ve done that, you can learn the advanced strategies of the game so that you know what to do in certain game situations.

Your knowledge in poker would be useless if you do not apply your knowledge to your game. You should practice playing poker in low-stakes games, online games and short games collection at home, and once you have gained the skills and confidence you can make games and high-stakes tournaments. Your step-finicky knowledge should not stop once you have become very good at the game. You should read articles and books on poker, and if possible, get help and advice from expert players on various situations and tactics of the game.

Whenever possible, avoid giving your opponents vital clues or “tells” about your game. Showing a “poker face” which means having all the same facial expressions and emotions in the whole game will prevent other players of picking up clues about your game.

Be patient and disciplined and do not loose hope if things are not going well for you. If you are a sensitive player you know where you’ve made mistakes and learn from them. Be in complete control of the situation.

In conclusion, play only when you are in a good state of mind and play in your financial limits. Playing wisely, using strategies and being patient and disciplined, you will gain more poker games than just relying on luck alone.